• Football of the world cup 2002 (carrier)
  • Deformation demonstration of a 100% glass fabric
  • Warp knitted 3-D shock absorber
  • Handrail for escalators
  • Security toe cap made of glass/ aramid fabric
  • Material of gold wires for space antennas


TEC-KNIT Ltd is involved in the following projects:

  • ECO Cap (safety toe caps) Euram-Brite project with the University of Kaiserslautern – IVW
  • Extrusion-capable handrail reinforcement (TPU) for escalator rails AIF with TU Hamburg-Harburg (has been used by Thyssen-Krupp for several years)
  • Shock-absorbent 3D knitted fabrics with KUL Leuven / Belgium (promotion)
  • Retrofit armour in automobiles (AIF) with Frauenhofer ICT ‘GINA’ BMW project (elastic substrate)
  • Highly flexible fibreglass plastics for thermoplastic sandwich preforms for 3D deformations with the EPFL Lausanne / Switzerland
  • Antenna systems for satellites in orbit made from 30µm molybdenum fine wire
  • Various military applications: such as camouflage networks against IR and radar, screening against defined frequencies, air conditioning, multi-function vests with integrated supplies (patent)
  • Low-voltage heaters based on resistance wires and carbon


TEC-KNIT is currently represented in the following project-related committees:

  • AIF Zutech Project ‘Small Intestine Replacement’, RWTH Aachen
  • IGF Zutech Project ‘Integral Automobile Pedestrian Protection’, RWTH Aachen
  • AiF-Zutech Project ‘Function Lattice’, TU Dresden


Other priorities include products made from glass and carbon fibres:

Highly flexible glass, uni-directional semi-flexible glass

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