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Manufacturing and developing technical textiles demands a wide knowledge of manufacturing processes and how to deal with materials. With a combination of warping, production, refining and fabrication, over the years there have been developed procedures and processes which make possible the production of sophisticated and innovative products.

Warping department

Our own warping departments make it possible to ensure a high level of quality and to respond to new developments flexibly from the planning stage.

Textile production

Traditionally, TEC-KNIT uses a wide range of specialty knitting machines which allow for the production of both closed and open spaces (networks, grids), and tubes, as well as distance materials (3D).


The clamping frame enables a heat setting up to a fabric thickness of 250 cm, as well as a finishing with a light coating (anti-fire, anti-static etc.).

Clothing for special products

With clothing, textiles can be cut, punched and also sewn. Another feature is the assembly of textile heating.

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  • Clothing for special products



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