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About us

Dip-Ing. Wolfgang Hoeck founded TEC-KNIT in 1983, a company which manufactured technical knitted fabrics. Wolfgang Hoeck comes from a long-established Westphalia-based manufacturing family, which already has a 100-year tradition in the manufacturing of textiles.

TEC-KNIT‘s commitment in the area of F+E has enabled it to develop into one of the leading companies for innovative fabrics in recent years. Its work includes new developments and research tasks in co-operation with institutes and universities in Germany and Europe.

When M. Eng. Sebastian Hoeck entered the company, TEC-KNIT (under Wolfgang Hoeck) got renamed TEC-KNIT Creative Centre for Technical Textiles Ltd in 2011, with its outsourced development department located on the site of EADS in Munich.  

CCTT and its membership in the MAI Carbon skills cluster (http://www.carbon-composites.eu/) reflects TEC-KNIT Ltd’s innovative character and standards.

The objective of TEC-KNIT Ltd is the development and production of forward-looking products, with the combination of the traditional values of a family company and innovative approaches.

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